Special SS Units

Throughout the year Acorn students focus on learning about American culture and that of people of other nations through a variety of specialty Social Studies Units. Although some holiday activities will take place in the homeroom class, others will be primarily delivered alongside our regular Social Studies curriculum.

From the 2018-19 Acorn Montessoi Charter School Teacher Handbook:

"Acorn Montessori Charter School believe that students should have a strong understanding of each holiday and why we celebrate it. Students should not just look at holidays as a 'day off from school.' Rather, Acorn believes that students should have an inherent understanding of the holiday, and why it is celebrated."


US Studies, August-November

States and Capitals of the US Song

County Fair Art Display, September

Labor Day, September

Patriot Day, September 11, 2019

September 11th: Why We Remember 

9/11 Memorial Virtual Tour

United Countries Day, October

Passport Printble

United Countries Day Resource Page

The Continent Song

Countries of the World Song

Countries and Capitals

School-wide Assembly on United Countries Day

Veteran's Day, November

Thanksgiving, November

Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day, December 7, 2019

Junior Ranger Printable Activity Book

Pearl Harbor Virtual Tour

Pearl Harbor Youtube Simple History Channel

The Attack On Pearl Harbor Youtube Inforgraphic Channel

Pearl Harbor Survivor's Association

Christmas (Holiday Celebrations Around the World)

Holidays around the world

Christmas Around the World Fact pages on many countries

Christmas in Mexico Youtube video from Epcot

Winter Workshop- Handmade cards and gifts

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, January

Valentine's Day, February

7th & 8th Bowling Field Trip

Presdident's Day, February

Presidents of the United States

Youth Arts Month, March

Dr. Seuss Week, First Week of March

The Butter Battle Book- 7th

Yertle the Turtle- 8th

Inventor's Week, First Week of March

Each class will present an era with activities and timelines created to celebrate in the hallways.

7th Grade, 1850-1930

8th Grade, 1930- Present

St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 2020

Earth Day, April 22, 2020

Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 2020

Mother's Day, May

Meaningful art/gift fr mothers



"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb