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NEW REMIND sign up link!

The Remind I set up at the beginning of the year was not working properly and I could not access it remotely. I tried to add everyone from the phone numbers I have in the emrgency contact buinder, but some may not be cell numbers. If you got an invitation, please accept it, and if not, please join through this provided link in order to facilitate communication trhough this time. Thanks!


While our school is closed, I will continue to update our classroom website with information about what you schould be doing to keep up with what we would be doin in class during this time. Please make sure to check back regulalrly as well as to check our school website in order to have the latest updates about the school closure. Homework packets will be avaliable to keep students skills up during this time with the resources provided online for distance learning.

Information for assignements is posted on each grade page as well on a new distance learning page that includes additional links that students can use for additional learning or as part of their research.

Make sure to use good cleanliness at home during this time, and be safe!



Tuesday 4-29 7th & 8th

Monday 4-28 7th & 8th

Friday 4-24 7th & 8th

Friday 4-17 7th & 8th

Thursday 4-16 7th & 8th

Wednesday 4-15 Get Motivaterd to Build a Skill 7&8

Tuesday 4-14 7th

Tuesday 4-14 8th

Monday 4-13 Greeting 7 & 8

Tuesday 4-7 Greeting 7th&8th

Monday 4-6 Greeting

8th Grade Art

Friday 4-3 7th & 8th video

Thursday 4-2 8th Reverse Budget Worksheet

Tuesday 3-31 7&8

Tuesday 3-31 8th Grade Social Studies Story Time 8.2

Monday Morning 7&8 3-30

Monday 3-30 8th Grade Social Studies Story Time

Monday 3-30 7th Grade

Friday 3-37

Thursday 3-26

Wednesday 3-25

Tuesday 3-24

Monday 3-23 It's a new week!

Thursday 3-19 Here's the second part of the timeline

Wednesday 3-18 Here's a video update with a timeline example

Tuesday 3-17 Here's a video explaining what we are working on and showing you an example.


You can find information here for Mrs. Whittaker's homeroom class as well as both 7th and 8th grade social studies classes.

.Image result for social studies                            Image result for social studies

7th Grade Social Studies Page            8th Grade Social Studies Page



For the 2019-2020 school year, our United Countries Country will be....

7th Grade: Ghana

8th Grade: Austria


“Block quotes are a great way to emphasize text.”
- George Washington (probably)